Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Donkey's Dream by Barbara Helen Berger

One day, a man was leading a donkey through valleys and hills. As they were walking, the donkey started to dream. First, he dreamed he was carrying a city and in the city there was a child's cry, and doves were flying all around.Then he dreamed that he was carrying a ship. It was very bright, like the moon, and all around it was the sea. Next he dreamed he was carrying a fountain in a little garden and all around it was the desert. Then the donkey dreamed he was carrying a lovely rose, and angels stood around it. Last, the donkey dreamed he carried a lady full of Heaven.
And then they walked through the town. The man knocked on doors, but none opened. So, then they found a stable that smelled of hay. The donkey was very weak, so he drank some cool water. And the big, bright stars' reflection shined in the water. Then, the donkey heard a cry from inside the stable. The man walked out, and said that the lady had a baby and asked"would you like to see him?" Together, they walked into the stable. The lady said,"come and see what you have carried".
It was just a tiny child, but when the baby opened his eyes, there was a great light all through the stable.
It was baby Jesus who was born.
Suddenly, the donkey wasn't tired any more.

Story retold by Isabella Velasquez

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