Saturday, December 2, 2006

St. Joseph is the star in "The Nativity Story"

I saw my favorite St. Joseph film today. I loved the smile of St. Joseph in Jesus of Nazareth, but never before has the quiet heroism of Jesus' foster father been explored as deeply as in "The Nativity Story". His humility as he and Mary face public disgrace, his strong hands that build them a home, and lead his young wife accross the wilderness and his hidden tenderness are very movingly potrayed. As Catholics we know that St. Joseph also sacrificed the joys of married love and never lived to see his adopted Son's ministry.
What this fatherless generation has long needed is a masculine loving father figure, let's hope this film leads them to St. Joseph.
Ite ad Joseph.


Alice said...

Fabulous, Letiicia!

St. Joseph, pray for us!!!

Esther said...

So true. I loved his portrayal in this beautiful movie.