Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Camping in Connecticut

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I attended a Bioethics Conference at the UN, and then went camping in Connecticut with my family. What seemed like a couple of widely disparate activities, in fact were brought together at the Friary I keep writing about; Our Lady of Guadalupe in Griswold.

At the Conference I was trying to represent, as best I could, the Catholic view of human life as sacred from conception to natural death, and defend the option of Catholic health care providers to abstain from participating in sinful practices like abortion, etc. I used to support my case, a letter from the Catholic Medical Association. The past President of the CMA, Dr. Paul Byrne, was just interviewed at the Friary and the interview is posted here on AIR MARIA.

What seems like a Friary away from the world, is indeed peaceful spiritual retreat, is still a hub of dynamic Catholic orthodoxy on the cutting edge of the New Evangelization. Only God could do this, Catholic Friars, conquering the world for for Christ with cameras and keyboards. They were just finishing up the Encampment, and the happy, disheveled campers were enrolled in the Miraculous Medal. We attended the Mass of Vatican II on Sunday, a wonderful Novus Ordo Mass in Latin, with a chapel full of young homeschooling families. It was a perfect Corpus Christi Sunday. The Friars were attending a Procession with another one of their Friaries in New Bedford, MA. which wound through the streets of the town, stopping three times for Benediction at different churches. We weren't able to attend, since we had visitors, and we wanted to show them the homes we were looking at and the schools where we'd like to send the girls in nearby Baltic.

We are discerning our move to Connecticut, so please pray for us, that we follow God's plan for our family.


jessica said...

You know you guys have my prayers!

Leticia said...

God bless you, Jessica, I can't wait to meet you!