Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day

I was awakened twice by Isabella bringing me breakfast in bed. The first time was before nine, and since we had already attended Mass last night, I closed my eyes again and slept another hour. When I awoke to eat, the entire family joined me in bed to watch "Funny Face" a classic Audrey Hepburn girl film. After a relaxing bath, I cooked for fifteen, as my in-laws and parents came to eat with us.

After dinner, we took these photos, and my father-in-law showed me how to gather seeds from my lilac bushes. He wanted to take a bag home to plant back on his farm in El Salvador. I was amazed at this connection to nature, I never knew where the lilac seeds were found!

After dessert, we all watched "Bella". Jose's family in the film always reminded me of my in-laws, and they appreciated the pro-life theme and Spanish language. Then we took these photos. My nephew thought the wooden silhouette dog was real, like our black lab Cookie, so he went to pull her tail, surprise!

Here are photos of my family with my husband's family(mother father, brother, sister and children, in front of our home, Gabbi with her Grandfather Antonio, and both my in-laws and my parents.

It was a perfect day. I hope your Mother's Day was as lovely.