Thursday, May 8, 2008

My friend Mary Ellen wrote a great article on modesty

In this week's Long Island Catholic. I couldn't have said it better myself, Mary Ellen!

I have spoken about modesty here and author of "Dressing with Dignity" Coleen Hammond wrote a post for me here, so I appreciate Mary Ellen's broaching the subject in a more public forum. Especially Long Island an oversized beach community where we are about to embark on 'skin season'. I have shared about an incident where I was praying in a church basement after communion, when I opened my downcast eyes, I found myself looking straight down a young woman's bare backside. Her low-cut jeans and missing undergarments made it possible for me to see MUCH more than I should have, and I was mortified! I nearly spoke to her mother, by her side, but decided it would be taken as an attack, and just prayed for her.
Mary Ellen, you voice the concerns going through many a mother's heart in these troubled times, including my own, only you have the courage to call society on it's exploitation of our youth.

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