Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Brownback bill passed!!!

Thanks be to God, and all of you who have taken action, we have taken one more step towards giving babies with Down syndrome a better chance of making it to birth by giving their parents access to the truth.
Sen Sam Brownback, a pro-life Kansas Republican and co-sponsor of the bill, told he's glad the Senate approved it.“This bill will greatly benefit expecting parents who receive the sometimes overwhelming news that their unborn child may be born with a disability," he said. "This legislation will provide parents with current and reliable information about the many options available for caring for children with disabilities.”
from Life
The truth of the positive lives lived by people with Down syndrome,the truth that treatments are being discovered to help the cognitive abilites of these childrenthe truth that there is a waiting list of parents waiting to adopt babies with Down syndromeThe passage of the Kennedy Brownback bill in the Senate is a triumph for the truth.Will the House now pass this important legislation?
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