Friday, September 26, 2008

A Formerly homeschooled child's worst nightmare

For your entire academic career, you have been homeschooled. You wait two years before you and big sister tell Mom you'd really like to go to school.

Mom moves the family three hours from home to a school she deems Catholic enough to educate you, and signs you up for school. You attend school for two weeks, emerging from the classroom each day bursting with talk about new friends and the yucky things the boys in class said. You do your homework enthusiastically and cover your new textbooks.

Then Mom tells you the bad news. She has just gotten a job to help pay your tuition.

It's a teaching job.

It's in your school.

She'll be teaching your class!

This Monday is her first day. . .

NO!! It can't be true! you wail.

But there she is in your classroom, learning the ropes from your teacher who is going out on extended leave for two months, and your new friends pump you for information on how mean your mother is. And you aren't allowed to tell her.

Poor Isabella!

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

This is fabulous news!!! Congratulations!!!