Friday, September 26, 2008

Hope in the midst of suffering

Former Senator from Pennysylvania, Rick Santorum was just on my favorite news program, "The World Over" with Ray Arroyo on EWTN, and shared that his wife Karen just gave birth to their 8th child, Bella, who has Trisomy 18.
When I interviewed him for an article in this month's Canticle magazine, about his valiant defense of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, we discussed the blessings which these special children bring to the lives of their families, in fact he told me about the young man, Brendan with Down syndrome he mentions in this column in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
"In a country where some politicians now promise to end suffering, and where our usefulness seems to be measured in dollars, these special individuals stand as complex, mysterious contradictions from a loving God.
They remind us that it is not just our capacity to achieve, but our capacity for sacrificial love that will change the character of America for the good. And that character will inspire true hope - and that hope does not disappoint."

Bella was born in May, nine months later. God, in His providence was using me in a small way to help prepare Rick for this new challenge. Now I join the thousands who are praying for Bella to beat the odds, and live a long and healthy life.

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