Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please help St Joseph School

As you know we have just left Long Island, my home for four decades, for a very good reason. Two excellent, faithful Catholic schools are here in Baltic, CT for my two girls. I have posted about St. Joseph and the Academy of the Holy Family here.
Isabella is happily attending school at St. Joseph, meeting new friends, and growing confident about her ability to function in a school setting after being homeschooled for her entire six years of schooling till now. She is surrounded by love and the glory of Catholicism every day at St. Joseph, so when she came home with a fundraising catalogue, I promised to do my best to help her help her school. It's a small school in an area which has many other Catholic schools, but what St. Joseph offers is unique. Habited sisters from the Sisters of Charity of Mary Mother of the Church operate and teach at the school, giving a living example to the children of the joys of consecrated life. Dedicated lay teachers with rich spiritual lives, teach there in the same spirit of joyful traditional Catholicism.
St. Joseph is a treasure which must be preserved. If you feel inspired, please click on the image of the Yankee Candle catalogue on this link and email me with your orders, giving me the item description, number and price. I'll return your email with payment instructions. We have one week (till Sept 29) to show St. Joseph that great Catholic schools have the support of the Catholic faithful.
And the candles are fantastic too! Yankee Candle has always had the most fragrant candles, which I buy regularly at the same price from home stores. Now we can stock up for Christmas, and help a good cause too.
Thanks in advance for your support.

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Hi Leticia,

I love the school. Good Luck in CT. We miss you here on Long Island Already!