Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another snow day!

This is the very first snow day my girls have had with me as the stay at home mom and them as the go to school kids. No, I didn't say, "Oh NO! I wanted some time to myself". I looked forward to a day like the old days when we homeschooled for ten years. I looked forward to having some help with Christina who has been recovering with me from a cold all week, and to making popcorn and watching our favorite movies in bed.
And it's time to put away those Christmas decorations!
Did I mention that I have dozens of unfinished writing projects,and that since I temporarily retired from teaching at Bella's school, I have had only ONE day alone at home? A day which included packing for the March for Life (we spent three days in the Liason Hotel in DC, compliments of ALL' s pro-life blogger award) and crying as I watched the Inauguration.
So, yes, I'm still anxiously awaiting my first real day home alone, finally finishing the unpacking so I can invite friends without shame, and getting caught up with my writing. But meanwhile I'm enjoying the girls. And no one is getting dressed today!

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

We've had a few snow days and lots of sick days this winter! When I stopped homeschooling someone asked me if I was going to become one of those moms who can't wait to shove off their kids to school and who dread school vacations. Two years later, I can say I haven't become that person and won't!