Monday, January 5, 2009

Down syndrome and IQ

I have read that there is a 60 spread in IQ scores for individuals with Down syndrome. Here is a blog with a lot to say on this topic.
That being said, IQ is NOT a determinant of a person's future happiness, or their worth. I took the exam for MENSA, as a project for Psychological Testing course in my BA in Psychology. By the way, I passed, but so far won't pay the fee, so I'm not an official member. Intelligence has made learning easy for me, but it has often made me lonely. Here's an example of how intelligence can isolate you. I attended a Mensa meeting for brunch in Houlihan's a mall-based restaurant, full of loud chatter one Sunday morning. Talk about geeks; these guys were doing calculus problems on cloth napkins for fun, and proudly displaying the answers to the waitress who was NOT impressed. Neither was I.

Christina scores a 70 IQ on her tests, which bodes well for her educational future, she will learn to read and have a job, etc. But I have more faith in her go-getter personality and her persistance at a task she is interested in. She will be a happy, beloved woman, of that I have no doubt. I want to quote from a thank you note I received today from her teacher's aide in her typical Kindergarten class.

"The gift I cherish the most is your gift of allowing me to work with your beautiful daughter.

Christina has truly brought new meaning to my life. I have learned so much from her,and look forward to getting back with here after vacation. "

That is true intelligence, having the ability to touch someone so profoundly in only three months with limited verbal skills, but with a limitless ability to love.

Christina has much to teach me as well.

I'll share it with you here.


Anonymous said...

I did check out your link to the other blog and couldn't finish reading it--my eyes kept rolling, gave myself a headache!

I so agree with what you had to say!! My dear little saint, who's 6, has taught me so much--more than a genius could teach me.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

That thank you must have been so vindicating for you, as it was such a big decision to trust your daughter to another teacher, after homeschooling for so many years. God appointed her a teacher who could truly appreciate her student. This is a real gift. And I agree with you that emotional intelligence is something we all need a little more of. This is a major point in Anna Karenina (which I am currently reading). The intelligencia are painted as obsessed with unimportant minutia, quite unhappy, and capable of making irrational decisions that wreck their own and others' lives.

Catholic Mom x 4 said...

What a dreadful and negative blog (the one you linked to)! It's clear that the person writing the information isn't coming from a faith perspective and cares way too much about appearance and "intelligence". It reminds me of a phone call I received when John Michael was only 4 months old from a "well meaning" woman who said glyconutrients could help alter his Down syndrome features and increase his intelligence. I told her I didn't think there was anything wrong with his features nor needed to be fixed. Besides, didn't it sound ridiculous that drugs could alter one's features?

Anonymous said...

That was so beautiful! Thank you. Barbara