Friday, January 16, 2009

Rest in Peace, Ricardo Montalban

He was one of my favorite actors, not only because of his devout Catholicism and his fidelity to his wife Georgiana, but for his delicious accent. Ricardo was the epitome of the Catholic gentleman.
I loved his role as a priest who enjoyed carpentry in "The Singing Nun".

I loved watching him as Mr. Rourke on "Fantasy Island" growing up. I remember an episode on Fantasy Island when a young woman was contemmplating a vocation insprited by St Therese. She prayed to a statue of the Child Jesus on the Island.
Who can forget the commercial for the Chyrsler Cordoba where Ricardo described the seats as having "rich Corinthian leather"? I also remember his wonderful accent narrating various Catholic documentaries.
Patrick at Creative Minority Report has the definitive sendoff to heaven for an outstanding Catholic artist. He gets credit for finding this photo of Ricardo receiving this medal from the Vatican for this accomplishments. He looks so proud. He should be, he's a true Catholic artist, which is a dying breed.

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Anonymous said...

Yes he will be missed greatly.