Friday, January 2, 2009

Our first young visitors

Our life in Connecticut has resembled a convent. We girls return from our schools, to spend the evening eating, chatting, watching EWTN and doing homework, and praying the rosary before bed. We have weekend visits from Francisco who must continue to work in New York during the week, from old friends from Long Island, and family, but none from local friends up here, since we have been too busy withour whirlwind schedule, and embarrassed at the state of my office, overflowing with half-unpacked boxes. But today was a perfect sledding (or as they say here, "sliding") day, so I picked up the phone and invited Isabella's friends before she could protest.
I am a genius.
It was a wonderful day, full of chilly fun in the snow, and warm conversations gripping hot cocoa with cold hands in front of a roaring fire. The four children who visited had a great time, and promised to return soon. One little boy lives just up the hill, and this was his first visit. Shame on us for being too shy/busy/proud before this wonderful day! His mom brought over the most exquisite cookies, made by his father. I have wonderful neighbors!

One of the boys took a liking to Christina and personally watched her for me while they all played in the snow. I felt intense satisfaction at the view from our living room window of Bella and Christina, in a circle of friends, enjoying the beautiful snowy yard.
This afternoon alone make the move worthwhile. Good, wholesome Catholic friends for my good, wholesome Catholic daughters. It was a taste of Heaven.
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for the inspiration which started a year ago with a link to a Catholic school, and ended in friendship and fun.

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

That sounds so nice. I am so glad for you!