Friday, January 30, 2009

Want to drive your teenage daughter crazy?

NO, it's nothing conventional like cutting off her cell phone (she doesn't have one) or taking away her in-room TV (ditto) or credit cards (ditto). We who hold a pretty strict line on our teens or are cutting back with the struggling economy have to be more creative to find ways to keep our teens from thinking they run the house. Or finding out that they do already.
Since working at Isabella's school was initially an effective way to drive her nuts, but after four months, I was exhausted from taming middle schoolers, and she was starting to like the idea of being the teacher's kid, I had to change tactics.
SO, I got a job subbing for the Literature teacher at my 15 year old's high school. I won't be teaching her personally, but in an all girl's school, there are no secrets, so Gabbi was more than a little dismayed.
Next, I came back from Blogs for Life in Washington DC with a mandate to Twitter and get a profile on Facebook. Notice the profiles in the sidebar, and please understand as I tweak them. I'm new at this. Come visit me and be my friend.
I think going on Facebook bothered Gabbi more than becoming a teacher at her school.

She said, "I mean, MOM, Facebook is for cool people, come on!"
"And, so, I'm not cool, so no one will want be my friend, right?"

So, as my friends list grew, surpassing hers on the first day ( this is unfair, she has restrictions on her list imposed from on high) her frustration grew. Mom actually has friends on Facebook. Who knew old people were on Facebook?

True, I am not personal friends with everyone on my profile, but I would like to be. And I want to help the pro-life movement in it's time of greatest need. So I will Tweet and Facebook my way into a position where my photos of the March for Life reach far and wide, overcoming the fact that even Fox News wouldn't cover it.
Or NBC won't play this awesome video during the commercials.
Sorry, Gabbi. It's for the Cause.
Come follow me on Facebook and Twitter and lets' take over the means the Left used to take over this country, before we are blocked from them.
And show this video wherever you can, it's been blocked from YouTube too.
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Anonymous said...

Okay, Leticia, you are the first credible person to suggest FB and twitter to me. I will give it more consideration now. Yikes! Do I have to?!
(old) Barbara

Leticia said...

YES! Thou shalt tweet says Leticia!
C'mon, come and meet my cool friends: Fr Frank Pavone, Fr Mitch Pacwa, Joe Schiedler, Tucker Carlson, G Gordon Liddy...Facebook is truly a powerful tool that the Libs have had to themselves FAR too long!

Anonymous said...

First I would like to say thanks for showing this youtube--I've been looking for it.

Facebook--my 13 year old daughter said the same thing to me and now I have joined with classmates from 20 years ago, who knew I had friends. ;)

To get back to disciplining a teen with no phone, credit card, tv...I always gound my daughter from the computer first! That gets her where it hurts!

Leticia said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm afraid the computer is a rare treat these days for her since her mom discovered Facebook!

aspymom said...

Kudos on the limits! I never had a TV in my room until I was out on my own! I have to admit that being middle aged (I HATE to admit to being middle aged!)all this newfangled electronic stuff frightens me, but I will follow your lead, Letecia, and think outside the box (or, shall I say: compter monitor")! Aggghhhh....

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Leticia got me to join too and I found out many of my peers have also newly discovered that we can make Facebook work for our generation.