Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday, Christina!

To the little baby who made me a special mom, who has taught me as much as my first child, how to be patient and to persevere, but more importantly to see others through your loving eyes, I love you!
To the preschooler who is always learning, though not always in the way she is expected to learn, who teaches her teachers and never fails to surprise us by moments of brilliance, we love you!
To the little rascal who hates having her face washed and hair combed, yet won't come out of the bathtub, who loves dressing up, but not getting dressed.
Happy 5th Birthday, Christina Maria!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet, and it makes me think of my two babies - who are getting to no longer be babies. Through you words I remember all the little things my children have done. - GOD bless you and your little Christina.