Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lenten Meme

What is your favorite Sorrowful Mystery?
I always find myself meditating longest on the first Sorrowful Mystery, the Agony in the Garden. It's the one I can relate to most, not having undergone anywhere near the physical sufferings of Our Lord.Yet.
I can relate to the pain of mental anguish, the feeling of abandonment, and the fear that all the giving I've done in my life is wasted. We know who's behind those negative thoughts, and I ask the Lord to 'take this cup from me' as well when they crowd in.
What is your favorite Station of the Cross?
This preference seems to change from time to time, as different things are happening in my life. When The Passion of the Christ came out, and my girls were acting in a homeschoolers Passion Play, I loved the station where Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. Gaby,who played Veronica that year, dressed in a robe the of same kind of roughly woven material the actress had in the movie, and wore her long brown hair in multiple braids. I was very moved by the parallels with the movie, and Veronica's tender courage amidst the unbelievable savagery of the soldiers. Of course, as a mother, I love the scene where Our Lady meets Our Lord during the Via Crucis, and I love how Mel Gibson combined that with one of His falls, so that she, without even touching Him, helps Him rise again, saying, "behold, I make all things new". This is SO powerful!
This year, I tend to contemplate the three times Jesus rose to His feet after suffering the most crushing falls, the courage on his face in the movie never fails to bring tears to my eyes, and I pray with Him, let me keep trying too, my Jesus, when I feel like quitting.
Do you fast during Lent?
I once led a Marian youth prayer group, and on Fridays, before we met, I fasted on bread and water for it's success. As long as I fasted, the group was fruitful. Once I stopped the practice, the group disbanded. I never forgot that lesson.
Now that I'm a diabetic, I don't fast on pure bread, but give up sweets, and seeking pleasure in food. For example, I eat whatever is in the fridge: leftovers or simple cheese and bread. without fussing over the meal to make it tastier. I remember the terrible images of children who are starving throughout the world, and am truly grateful for the bounty of my table

What is your Lenten Resolution(s)?
One of you bloggers, (was it you, Karen?) said she was giving up complaining, and I seized upon it, as the Holy Spirit convicted my heart. Then someone sent me a mediation along those lines, and I have tried to watch my speech, with mixed success. It's humbling to note how quiet I am now. What does that say about my speech before?
Do you use Holy Water during Lent?
Yes, we have old rite Holy Water, the kind that has been sprinkled with blessed salt, and exorcised. I was told it is more powerful, and we have several holy water fonts throughout the house. I don't stop during Lent, as I've never heard any teaching on why we should.

How many times do you go to Mass during Lent?
As often as my recalcitrant four year old and her patient sisters can tolerate! I do sneak off with Isabella more often
to daily mass, now that Gaby can stay home with Christina. Sometimes, it's not worth going if you're in the vestibule with a youngster the entire mass. Sigh, this too shall pass.

This is my Lenten Fast
Fast from judging others;
feast on the Christ indwelling in them.

Fast from words that pollute; feast on phrases that purify.
Fast from discontent; feast on gratitude.
Fast from anger; feast on patience.
Fast from worry; feast on trust.
Fast from complaining; feast on appreciation.
Fast from negatives; feast on affirmatives.
Fast from unrelenting pressures; feast on unceasing prayer.
Fast from hostility; feast on nonviolence.
Fast from bitterness; feast on forgiveness.
Fast from self-concern; feast on compassion for others.
Fast from personal anxiety; feast on eternal truth.
Fast from discouragement; feast on hope.
Fast from facts that depress; feast on truths that uplift.
Fast from suspicion; feast on truth.
Fast from idle gossip; feast on purposeful silence.
Almighty God, during this season of fasting, gift us with Your amazing grace, so we can carry out Your work.
And I tag anyone who'd like to respond ... and if you do, will you let me know?


Anonymous said...

love you're heart and wisdom thank you.

Karen Edmisten said...

Beautiful, Leticia.