Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What about college?

This is the fear of many parents who are deciding whether to homeschool their teen through high school. Since my oldest is 14, I have been listening to this discussion the past few years. Gaby knows I will only pay for the solid Catholic colleges listed in the "National Catholic Register" annual list. They understand homeschoolers and value what they bring to college level studies; a work ethic, the ability to relate to people of any age, unique experiences in their local communities, and, ability to defend the Faith.
But, what if you want other colleges to consider admitting your child? An Op-Ed in the Washinton Times discusses an increasing number of colleges who are not merely admitting homeschooled students, but actively seeking them. Now you can show this article to your mother-in-law or whoever is on your back about college!
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Alice Gunther said...

This is very interesting information, Leticia. Thank you for passing it along.