Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If you have aborted your special needs baby, there is healing

As my readers know, the reason I began writing is to overcome the 90% abortion rate of babies with Down syndrome, and I hope to attract expectant mothers to  this site who are in the midst of such a crisis, in order to inspire them to give their babies life. But, if, however, you have made that awful decision, and are now suffering the consequences of having aborted your child, please do not think I am standing in judgment of you.
 Abortion is always a mortal sin, however, only God knows what kind of pressure the doctor, your husband, and others were inflicting on you. I refused prenatal testing to spare myself that kind of pressure, and I would advise other pregnant women to do the same.
Aborting a child with an adverse pre-natal diagnosis is a whole different scenario than most abortions. You were told your child would either die at birth, or have a short, miserable life (most times this is a lie or a misconception based on outdated information). You were told that it was 'selfish' to give birth to a special needs child, that you would  be burdening your husband, your children, and society. You were not given current information about treatments and life expectancy for children with your child's diagnosis, and you were left thinking perhaps that abortion was more merciful than birth for your child.
This is the common wisdom which you will hear on what we call "termination sites", websites where mothers share their abortion  stories and justify it by saying odd things like,  "I set him free to come back in a healthy body"(belief in re-incarnation is not consonant with Catholicism) .
So, what do you do now besides go to confession? You go on a specialized retreat for adverse pre-natal diagnosis from Theresa Bonapartis at Lumina Ministries. You heal from the pain caused by that awful choice, and, if you are called, tell your story to all who will listen.
God is merciful, and nothing is impossible for Him. Make this Lent the begining of your new life.

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Monica Rafie said...

Exactly, Theresa stands alone in recognizing that these mothers really do have a different story to tell - this is a different kind of crisis pregnancy. I highly recommend Lumina for post-abortive mothers.