Friday, March 5, 2010

On "Tweeting Abortion"

I have been struggling with commenting on this story since it is so raw; a woman, very broken by life, who calls herself an 'anti-theist', has been tweeting her abortion. I can't bring myself to read the tweets or see the YouTube video, but I have read Jill Stanek's take and am happy to share with you Mary Hasson's view from Phases of Womanhood. Her compassion and faith shine through some of the harsh commentary which surround this tragic event.
Angie desperately wants to silence the whisper of God in her own heart. But unlike the clamor of condemnation from some harsh pro-lifers, God’s whisper is a message of His love, steadfastness, and forgiveness. And it’s a whisper so powerful that it can open even the hardest heart. Ironically, Angie’s inability to still the whisper gives us hope—hope that she’ll take the armor of hurt off her own heart and hear the God who loves her.
Mary reminds pro-lifers who call themselves Christians, that though the act of abortion is awful, the soul is nonetheless precious in His sight. May we offer our Lenten prayers and mortifications for Angie and women like her.
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ls said...

Leticia, I can't agree more that this is a double tragedy - the loss of the unborn baby, and the absolute brokenness of this young woman. Adding her to prayer and asking that God won't stop for one moment His relentless pursuit of her in love.