Monday, March 8, 2010

March madness

Spring is in the air; 60 degrees today. We were all irresistably drawn outdoors this afternoon. Even the cats ventured outdoors to get their fur ruffled in the breeze. . .
We played softball on the front lawn, went exploring the stream with three labradors, and got muddy water shaken ALL over us; now what did we expect?!
We enjoyed the clamour of Candian geese flying back from the South in V-formation overhead, spotted  our first Robin, a white crocus and budding wild Pussywillows in the stream. . .s unbathed and exercised, yelled and listened to the wind in the trees, breathed deeply of warm,  fresh air and gratefully stretched our legs.

Can all this joy be allowed in Lent?

Easter is coming. . . it is Sunday, which is not part of Lent and it seems like the Lord is just getting us ready to rejoice in the Resurrection, like the choir rehearing the music for the Triduum, a priceless preview of glories to come. But there's more. . .

After all, St Patrick and St Joseph have feast days in Lent.

Our Lady celebrates her Annunciation this month, 

We must be allowed outbursts of joy even in the midst of penitence almsgiving, and fasting.

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