Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Our Lady of America Shrine Blog

   Pam Jackson has begun a new blog to promote the Shrine of Our     Lady of America in Rome City, IN
Our Lady of America is the only approved apparition in the United States. On the blog, she showcases her beautiful homemade rosaries.
Check it it out here.
Fr Andrew Apostoli told me that Our Lady promised that if her statue was installed in the National Basiclica of the Immaculate Conception, that it would be a center of grace like Lourdes. Pray for the bishops to do the will of Our Lady.
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pam j said...

Thanks Leticia the link to my blog is now God bless and All for Our Lady.

pam j said...

Correction the link is

Unknown said...

We visited the Mother of Mercy Chapel in 10/24/2012. While we were in the chapel my sister was praying in front to the image of Our Lady of America, suddenly she felt the presence of a Divine power, which gave her a deep sense of peace. We decide to take pictures of the chapel. A few months later, while looking at the pictures taken, we were astonished when we saw the image of Our Lady suspended in the air. She was so transparent that we could see the walls and windows of the chapel through her. She looked exactly as our Lady of America.