Friday, September 3, 2010

Bella's backyard shrine

For days, Bella and Gabbi were up to something. They were in the woods, working on a surprise for me, a top secret project. They left to get wood chips, and came back dragging no less than six huge bags of chips. I had my suspicisions, but the result far surpassed my guesses.
Accross the stream from the henhouse, down a winding wooded path, lined with woodchips, up a dry stream bed, and around a tree in the path, likes the Shrine of the Holy Family.
The Velasquez family now has a shrine where they can hear the forest music as they pray to the Holy Family.
Thank you Gabbi and Isabella!
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Pat Gohn said...

Love this.... Way to go, girls!

just yesterday I posted this about my backyard shrine:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I love the Holy family statue!!!

The McDowells said...

Hi, I found your blog doing a search for homeschoolers in Conn. I have organized a postcard swap this year to go along with a United States notebook that we are doing and we would love to have a family from Conn. participate!


Super Mom | Maternity Belly Bands said...

So Beautiful :)

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