Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of summer party

We celebrated the end of summer by watching Kristin Bothur's family on NBC news and enjoying Shana Surek's expressive photos in the Hartford Courant article (see photos here). It was a busy summer, helping her move, and to travel from Philadelphia to Boston to publicize her book 11 On My Own, but it brought our families closer. We watched as our children toasted marshmallows over a bonfire, and played 'manhunt' in the dark, grateful for their friendship. The photo shown here is of Chrisitna's First Holy Communion at St Mary's with Kristin, holding Dominic at our side.
I am pleased that Shana and the NBC TV crew focused their cameras on the lovely statue of Our Lady in their work, it gave the viewers a true sense of just what keeps this mother of eleven centered on her mission. Fr Tito was eloquent in the piece, saying, "its always a good to invest in the mother-child relationship". If only the children's father understood this none of what the family endured this summer would have been necessary, yet in His wisdom, Our Lord has brought blessings from sinfulness, and grace from depravity.
Now we have to pray for the father of these children to repent and support his family.

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