Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christina's spinal malformations

My dear friend and outstanding pro-life physician, Dr Judy Mascolo recommended a CAT scan for Christina before OKing horseback riding. Thank God for her cautious wisdom!! The malformations have been there since birth and explain why Christina holds her head to one side.
Monday I met with a neurosurgeon, Dr Jonathan Martin, at Conneticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford and saw what concerned Dr Mascolo; her spinal malformations. Very frightening indeed!

Her top vertebrae in the cervical spine are warped, have extra bone in places, the top vertebra is fused to her cranium, and the fifth bone is missing on the left side, yet the upper vertebra has moved down to fill the gap;  they resemble ice which began to melt and then re-froze in bad position. She may need surgery to make the opening in the center of her vertebrae larger for her spinal chord. This is very scary and we will need your prayers as we do an MRI and then meet with her doctors to make this crucial decison.

Meanwhile, I am meeting with officials in her school to explain why she needs constant one on one supervision and greatly reduced activities. I hate to deny her the  playscape and swings, but we must err on the side of caution, since a wrong move may mean paralysis.

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Rosa said...

My prayers are with you and your family. Everything will be alright!

pam j said...

Though I am so thankful that you found out the results of the CAT scan and are taking appropriate measures re:Christina's activities and further evaluations, my heart goes out to Christina, you, and all your family during this difficult process. I will pray through the intercession of Our Lady of America for healing.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Thankful for good doctors and praying all will serve to prevent Christina from devastating injury. Hope your back is without pain now, too. Barbara

Pat Gohn said...

Prayers and best regards, as always. Thanks for sharing this need.

BTW, loved your sharing of "Come, Pray the Rosary". Will link to you in tomorrow's post.