Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You have our backs

Now that I am on networked blogs, I get more comments on Facebook than here, so my friends have been sending me much needed prayers there. I owe you an update on Christina's and my backs.
 My spine has been locked up and developing arthritis, because I neglected to find a new chiropractor here in CT when I moved two years ago. The pain which crippled me in bed for two weeks was cured by one adjustment where there wasn't even a crack! Now with some ongoing treatment we can prevent a crisis like I just suffered through.
 I felt great for the banquet, and I am back among the active, praise God!
Now Christina will be undergoing an MRI for which she must be sedated later this week. Then we will decide if spinal surgery is indicated.
Good thing I am in good shape for this. Please keep the prayers coming.
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