Monday, November 15, 2010

Mayberry moments

Sunday afternoon in Mayberry. Barney and Andy are sitting on the front porch. Andy is strumming the guitar and Barney is trying to get up the ambition to "buy a bottle of pop and go down to Thelma Lou's". The city guy with them can't take the pace, and shouts at them get going, drawing stunned looks from both. This is Sunday in a small town when it was still a day of rest, according to Rascal Flatts.  I love Sundays.

That's one of the blessings I shared on  "Faith and Culture" about raising a child like Christina, she helps you slow down and life live fully When you go for a walk in the woods, there is. no speed walking. With her, a stroll down to the creek is just that; a stroll. You notice birds, and the corn stubble in the field. You stop to feel the breeze, and watch a deer fleeing into the woods.
And you have to stop at the water. She loves water. On Long Island, it was Hart's Cove. Here is is the brook across the cornfield.
When we arrive at the water,  she sits in her spot, and throws enough stones to make the water rise a bit.

She watches Molly get muddy after her bath yesterday, and admires Daddy's ability to skip stones.
Did I mention that
Daddy is her hero?

Did I have to?

 She enjoys the sun on her face, a piggyback ride home and a stop at our Holy Family Shrine to thank God for a true day of rest.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thats what life is all about.