Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Magnificent Line a column by Paul Daugherty

Paul Daugherty is a sports columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer. In this blog post he reflects on fathering his daughter with Down syndrome. He is a talented writer with a great heart for his daughter and those with Down syndrome.  I love it when he said,

We’ve spent two decades trying to nudge perceptions. We’ve asked the world to see Jillian, not look at her. Discrimination arrives in many forms, often in places you’d least expect. Fighting the public schools to get our daughter the education to which she was entitled was the kind of combat I wouldnt wish on anyone.
Jillian has overcome all that. She is kind and generous and ambitious and willing. She is the human spirit invincible. She has plans.

We've asked the world to see Jillian, not look at her. Great line. Too often Christina gets stares, which I understand, but I feel sorry when those who stare are afraid or uninterested to take the time to get to know her. They may think that there is nothing of interest because of her diagnosis. How wrong they are! They should find out what they are missing!
The Magnificent Line, 10/15 | Paul Daugherty

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