Wednesday, November 10, 2010

St Leo the Great counsels his flock

I have just received my copy of "Demonic Abortion" the companion to the book "Exorcism and the Church Militant" by Fr Tom Euteneuer, formerly of Human Life International. He is now back in a parish in West Palm Beach, by his bishop's order. I will review both books even though they are soon going out of print, because the truth they reveal is vitally important for the Church, as is St Leo the Great's message below.

Here is a meditation from St Leo the Great a pope from the fifth century, taken from my Magnificat Magazine,

" Even though the Lord protects warriors and he who is "might in battle" encourages his own soldiers, saying, "don not be afraid, because I have overcome the world". still we should know, dearly beloved, that even with this incentive the fear is lifted, not the struggle.
After the sharp point of terror has been made dull, the cause of the struggle remains, a struggle which is stirred up terribly by the crafty enemy in the fury of persecution, but brought all the more harmfully by the appearance of peace.
When the battles are out in the open, the crowns are also evident. This, too, nourishes and inflames the strength of patience,that, when disaster is nearest, the promise is also at hand. After the public attacks of the wicked ones cease and the devil restrains himself from the slaughter and torture of the faithful, lest by the intensity of his cruelties,  there be a manifold increase of our triumphs, the raging adversary turns his blood thirsty hatred to quiet treachery, and those he could not overcome with hunger and cold, with sword and fire, he will wear out with an easy life. he will snare with willfulness, inflame with ambition, and corrupt with luxury.
The Christian battle line, when the Spirit of Truth draws up his own soldiers, has powerful defenses and invincible arms for destroying these and all others, as long as gentleness, abolishes anger, generosity abolishes greed,  and kindness abolishes envy. 
Restraint has subdued luxury, humility has cast out arrogance, ad those who were solied     in shame now shine in purity."

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