Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autism gene found; will abortion follow?

A new marker has been found which indicates the possibility of autism and other impairments in an unborn baby. Will they soon be targeted for destruction like our children with Down syndrome children? Kurt Kondrich, author of "Making a Case for Life" asks this important question in his Renew America article.
The "risk gene" is identified as CNTNAP2, and according to the article "About one-third of all people carry the variant of the CNTNAP2 gene that is associated with a heightened risk of autism, as well as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Tourette syndrome, schizophrenia and other language difficulties." As I read this latest genetic update I noticed that the phrase "risk gene" was mentioned no fewer than 7 times.
Since 90%+ of all children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome using genetic testing are aborted my question to the researchers and medical community would be "What will the identification of this "risk gene" be used for, and will this prenatal diagnosis be offered to expectant parent?"

We hope not, but experience has taught us that those who view a perfect child as an entitlement will use this marker as a means to weed out imperfect children, decimating the Autim population. This has been the research goal of Autism Speaks, a well funded Autism organization.Look at this site; The Autism Genocide Clock, which estimates that in 4 years those with Autism will be targeted like our kids with Down syndrome are.
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