Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm

Today we went to an ice cream social with free ice cream sundaes with fresh homemade ice cream. It was at Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm, a deluxe farm stand and cafe about 20 minutes east of us at the CT /RI border in Sterling, CT.
We passed along route 49 over rolling hills dotted with farms, and an incredible panoramic view opened up to the Northeast, distracting me from my goal, the Brown Cow Cafe at the Farm. We did a U-turn, and found a cozy shop with a warm fire and friendly people scooping out this wonderful ice cream. Christina found a seat where she could watch the chickens, goose, and turkeys while enjoying the ice cream, and I checked out the preserves and chutneys on the shelves. Isabella tried the vanilla, Gabbi the chocolate, and I had Buttercup, a butter crunch.
A great way to celebrate Laerte Sunday for a family who is getting tired of forgoing sweets!

We will certainly find many excuses to return, the farm offers Turkey Pies, fruit pies and their own fresh beef and poultry including goose.

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