Thursday, March 26, 2009

Small Successes

See the other Small Successes at Faith and Family Live.

1. The book I've been working on with stories from Catholic moms of special needs children has had it's first successful 'nibble' from a major Catholic publishing house. Please pray for Fr Benedict Groeshel who has promised to write us a foreword. He is very ill in the hosptial.

2. I made an ethnic dish for Gabbi's high school's International Day; Salvadorean Cheese Pupusas. People ate them for the first time, and liked them.
See the recipe here.

3. I completed my first Power Point Presentation for Academy of the Holy Family's first Youth 4 Life Conference this Saturday (see details here). It's titled; "Catholic Marriage is Pro-life".

4. I helped several high school girls learn the basics of writing a good English Composition, thanks to 10 years of homeschooling my own daughters.

5. I kept my Lenten resolutions for extra Masses, attending a beautiful Missa Cantata on the Solemnity of the Annunciation with the girls.

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Anonymous said...

The local Taco Cabanas just started advertising Pupusa last year. The word makes me giggle everytime. Barbara