Sunday, March 8, 2009

Humility 101

Discussions of humily are fraught with danger, since once you talk about how humble you are, you already proved that you are anything but humble. Instead I'm going to discuss ways that God is helping me acquire this virtue. It's an uphill battle, but God never gives up on me.
St Paul says we should brag about nothing but the cross of Christ. so please indulge me while I brag about the itty bitty splinters of His cross which help me remember my place.
At the foot of the Cross.
1. Children
We all know how young children can embarrass us in public, and I have covered that many times. This time, I mean how an adolescent suddenly realizes that Mommy has feet of clay, and is anxious to bring out her hypocrisy in vivid detail. And the insights are dead-on. If I learn to listen when their observations are respectful, they can be opportunities for growth.
After all, the sting in any rebuke is the truth.

2. Money
Nothing brings you down to size faster than running out of money at the cashier. Or bouncing a check. Or wondering how you will meet your bills. Many of us are re-discovering the part of the Our Father where we ask God for our daily bread.
We should thank God for the opportunity to learn more trust in Him.

3. Age
As my daughters blossom into womanhood, I find my own looks waning. Bad hair days are more the norm than not, the battle of the bulge seems lost, and my knees complain more and more. I struggle with late onset diabetes.
Age reminds us that we have to care for the Temple of the Holy Spirit, but that it is only a temporary home. Our home is heaven.

4. Disorganization
A punishing schedule leaves you vulnerable to making foolish errors. Like being late for your daughter's bus. Like forgetting appointments, and losing keys. Like a disheveled appearance and a messy house.
We can offer our time to the Lord, and remember it's all a gift, begging Him to teach us to make good use of it.

to be continued. . .


Monica said...

Great insights, Leticia. I once prayed for humility and got became pregnant at 39 and gave birth to a child with Down syndrome at age 40. For me, that was the ultimate "gift" of humility and I'm grateful for it. I also relate to your #4 LOL! My memory is lagging these days.

Leticia said...

Same here.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Great thoughts Leticia. I'm looking forward to your continuation of this topic.