Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prolife Down syndrome t-shirts

The IDSC For Life is excited to be able to offer t shirts and other items, that will help us to promote the dignity and respect for ALL life.
We have gone with Cafe Press for now, until we can find another company like this. We have found the issue of company's using the word Retarded is across the board, and have not been able to avoid that. We hope that who ever would like to help us get the word out there, will send our site out to family and friends, so that they can help to promote the dignity and respect for ALL life, and in particular, the life of individuals who happen to have Down syndrome.
We are excited to be able to give people this opportunity! We also plan to ask anyone who purchases one, to send the IDSC your picture, wearing your IDSC shirt or other item, and we will post it on our web site! This can be a picture of one individual, or an entire family wearing them!

Let's show the world that we believe that ALL life is precious!! Here is the link again to the IDSC website for more information!

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