Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama mocks the Special Olympics

On Jay Leno last night, while trying to make fun of his bowling abilities, Obama says, " it was like the Special Olympics. "
NOT FUNNY, Mr President!
Read the entire story here.
Maria Shriver, wife of Gov Schwartzenegger, and sister of Tim Shriver the Chairman of Special Olympics took offense to the comment. "It shows that we still have a lot of work to do".
And she supported Obama!
Read the story here.
Next time stick to the teleprompter, if that is your idea of a joke.
On the other hand, Governor Sarah Palin has respect for the Special Olympics. Wonder what disability advocates who voted for Obama are thinking now?
UPDATE 3/20: Special Olympian challenges Obama to bowling!
Read the story at Breitbart.


SQUELLY said...

I love Sarah Palin! I wish we had politicians like her in England. Thanks for this great video!

Anonymous said...

My thanks, too, Leticia. I had not seen that video elsewhere.

I held myself back today from making snarky remarks on a blog whose author I know to support Obama. Her post today was a gentle "Mr. President, say it isn't so!" coupled with "this is just evidence of how pervasive disability prejudice is in our society." Laughable. If it was not so sad.

I almost sent her a url for a YouTube of Connie Steven's "Who's Sorry Now".

There, I've confessed.