Monday, March 9, 2009

Sujeet Desai performs at the Special Olypics

It was a week long and among the largest sporting event in the world and largest Winter Games in the history of Special Olympics held in Boise , Idaho. At the opening ceremony on February 7th 2009 in front of 14,000 people from 96 countries Sujeet performed on his clarinet Mozart’s “Adagio in A minor”. Before his performance he was interviewed by Gold medalist World Olympian “Kristi Yamaguchi.

A day before saxophonist “Kenny G”, impressed by Sujeet’s clarinet tone played a duet with him as well at the daily press briefing he suggested they play a duet in the future.
We just updated Sujeet’s web page with this event by photos, a commendation letter from CEO of Sp. Olympics Timothy Shriver and more. Please visit Sujeet’s web page and scroll down to click on Highlights of 2009 to find these links.
It also includes a blog post written by Kristy Colvin “Flame of Hope or Despair of Ashes?”
Please take a minute to leave your comment on this blog if you have not already done so. Your response w ill certainly help to inspire improvements in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.
I hope you experience this magnificent event of the Opening Ceremony of 2009 World Winter Games through the links above posted on Sujeet’s web site & enjoy the photos.
Thank you for your time & advocacy.

Sindoor (Sujeet's mom)

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Thanks for posting this. You may want to edit though.... Sindoor is Sujeet's mom