Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Review of "Led by Faith" and "Our Lady of Kibeho"

is up at Catholic.net. Don't miss this inspiring true story of how Immaculee, the woman trapped in a bathroom with seven women for 91 days not only survived, but triumphed with greater charity and faith than ever.
It's great Lenten fare.
This is the third book of a trilogy. The first book explains where Immaculee received her stalwart faith; Our Lady of Kibeho, a story of how the Queen of Heaven tried to spare Rwanda from it's horrible 1994 genocide of 1 million souls.
Read my review of Our Lady of Kibeho at Catholic Media Review.

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Monica said...

I heard her speak on Catholic radio last year. Simply astounding how she and the others hid in a tiny bathroom. I'm glad you posted this because I'd forgotten her name. I am tagging you with a Premio Dardos blog award. You may "receive" it at my blog. Thanks for all you do. I hope we can meet some day. God Bless!