Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How radically Catholic are you?

Michael Voris challenges Catholics to live their faith like they mean it on his Vortex program on Catholic TV.

Here's how radical a Catholic I think I am:

1. I have just moved from my home of 46 years in response to a call from God to live in CT where promising opportunities to evangelize with my writing are opening up, and there are good Catholic schools for my girls. I stopped homeschooling after 10 years and enrolled them in school to work full time. For free.

2. Three years ago, I began writing as He asked, and, writing for the Church for little money when you are a wife and the mother of three young women is a sacrifice.

3. People have been avoiding me for years in order not to hear my Catholic pro-life ideas, and I never met a pro-life protest I didn't join. (We keep our own signs in a closet ready for the next protest rally.) I am on Obama's "crazy pro-lifer" list for sure.

4. Financial sacrifice is becoming easier for me, God seems to be asking more and more lately. . so, though I am far from a martyr for the Faith, I can say, my life is on the road to becoming radically Catholic. God has carried me every step of the way, by His grace, making the journey sweeter than I could have imagined.
Please don't ask me to give up my simple yet spacious new home in the woods, Lord, I am willing to invite my young sister-in-law to share it with us. OK. My in-laws too.

No wonder my family thinks I'm nuts! But they love me anyway.


Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

Don't stop being "radical"! It sounds like your life is incredibly blessed by Our Lord and you're doing what He wills. It only looks crazy or radical to outsiders or those lukewarm in their faith. Love the new look of your blog. Very beautiful!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

You are radical, and I didn't need you to tell me that! But that's why I admire you. Kevin says I will be on Obama's hate list for sending that red envelope. Good! I like the new background - it was a pleasant surprise!

Anonymous said...

Responding to a call....

I had a conversation with another radical Catholic...we were musing about discerning the difference between a holy call and a temptation.

I hope it comes with maturity...no, I hope it comes earlier for my children.

Radical prayer?

I have basic requests from God, too, (don't ask me to give up) - similarly - protect our home from burglary and fire. Protect my children from violence. That we may live to raise them into adulthood.

I guess those prayers are radical only in that I am not asking for more.

Now, my prayers re: anything political...need to get more radical(ly Catholic). Thanks for this post, Leticia.

I have to prepare some fish tacos. Be back later. Barbara

therextras said...

Me again. Can you tell me - if you want to write/publish a book - who do you find first - an editor or an agent?

I am most confused about this. I know there is some info on the net, but was hoping this question would be easily answerable.

I am determined to NOT self-publish. That is, I won't. I just cannot invest money that way. If what I write will not sell, then it won't be published. Barbara

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Barbara, I also have been looking for a publisher. I've opted to do the legwork myself, sending book proposals directly to the publishers. From what I've read, it looks like it is just as much work to find an agent, and then you have to pay her fees from your contracts - but then, they might be better at negotiating better contracts. It's worth the time to research this. Good luck!