Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Christina is the only member of our family who has mangaged to eat an entire meal with chopsticks.

Chinese food is an excellent motivator!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture of Christina eating with chopsticks. I had long wondered when my Christina Anne would learn since it is a part of our culture (she's half Vietnamese) and everyone eats that way at her grandparent's house. Well about 6 months ago and without any lessons on her dad's part or her sisters' part, she picked up the chopsticks on her own and in her own fashion, and started eating her noodle soup with them. No big deal and another little milestone reached! Judy M.

Leticia said...

Good for her! Aren't children something when they decide to learn something at their own pace?!
I actually prefer Vietnamese food, and am thrilled that our local restaurant has begun to offer it as well as Chinese.

jennifergg said...

Way to go! I bet the OTs never thought of using chinese food as a motivator! Hooray!