Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just Whose Values are We Teaching Our Children?

One of the great unspoken tenets of public schooling is the chance liberal educators see to indoctrinate our children in their world view. As a former public school teacher, I can assure you that public school teachers consider parents the 'great unwashed' who are barely qualified to raise, much less educate their own children. They see themselves as saviors who will enlighten our children in the ways of political correctness. Reading, writing and 'rithmatic are secondary, which explains the national test scores in America. Why do you think Adolf Hitler made homeschooling illegal? If you have any doubt about this, just try and tell a schoolchild that you don't believe in Global Warming! My CCD kids were horrified when I told them! They have such trust in their teachers, and take everything they say as doctrine.
Melissa Wiley posts about a PBS special on homeschooling which features the ubiquitious Robert Reich, Clinton Secretary of Labor, not Education, portraying homeschoolers as parents brainwashing their children in their own values. So? Better our Catholic values, than their libertine, 'anything goes' nonsense!
One parent night at my public junior high school in the 1970's, my attorney father asked an important question, "what do you mean your teaching 'values clarification' to my daughter?
Whose values, are you teaching her?"
The Social Studies teaching, not used to being questioned, got flustered,and turned to charm mode, "oh, you know, right and wrong", to which my father continued to press him, "No, I don't know what YOU consider right and wrong, please tell me since you are teaching the class, what do you base your morality on?" This went on until the teacher's back was quite literally to the wall, at which time his face was beet red,and he stammered, "we teach the values of the Constitution of the United States!"
This shows how teachers since the sexual revolution, have taught their Kinsey-based pseudo-morality to your children, with very little opposition from parents, and less from clergy. When my parents opposed the sex ed program's teachings on homosexuality and abortion, they had NO backing from friends or priests, only a courageous school board member, a Baptist, and his minister stood up to get an alternative health program which they disparagingly labelled, "Health B". When I tried to sign up for this program, the teacher queried me condescendingly, saying, "what's the matter, honey, your parents don't want you to learn about sex?" I, having rehearsed my answer at home, shot back, "NO, I know all I need to know on that subject, my folks just don't want YOU teaching it to me!"

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