Friday, February 9, 2007

THESE are the Good Old Days!

"Let's watch our videos", Isabella's been insisting, to break up the winter doldrums. Cabin fever had set in, lots of freezing temperatures and not a snowflake in sight makes for three restless girls. So, I relented, and we started unpacking our family videos which usually center around birthdays, Christmas, sacraments and big snowstorms.
Well, it's 2 hours later, I still have an ache in my side! What a great time we had! As Isabella said, "there's a big laugh in every film."
Not only is surprisingly touching to see your grown up teen as a bouncy toddler again, or your verbose 9 year old as a quiet toddler, and the frail baby who is now an active preschooler, but watching our interactions which seemed so serious at the time, are hysterical to us now. We didn't realize what comic talent we possessed.

Daddies take toddlers for sled rides and topple them face-first into the snow, when the puppy jumps aboard, pinata-bashing leads to birthday girls getting boo-boos on their foreheads, we laugh over babies with bed-head, and the girls shriek,"Mom, why did you videotape me with that awful outfit?"
We all make mental notes on which videos to show to potential husbands with the caveat, "so, you really want to marry her? Watch this first."
I hope we can replace our broken camcorder with one that I can post online you we can share the good ones with you. Sit down with the kids, and re-visit the 'old days', and you'll realize that the best is yet to be.

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