Monday, February 19, 2007

"Stop Putting Yourself Down!"

This is a quote from me to myself as I read the beautiful homeschool mom blogs I have in my sidebar. I constantly feel inadequate while reading their wonderful saint's day ideas, organized homeschool schedules, delicious home-baked breads, original recipes, handicrafts, (don't even get me started on sewing), books they are reading, and writing, TV they are NOT watching, crops and livestock they are raising, and multiple clean, well dressed,literate happy children pictured in their blogs.
Raise your hand if you feel that way too.
Hmmm . . . I thought so.
No matter how often I remind myself that we bloggers pick the sunshine to blog about, I feel uneasy reading about the lives of others. I'm happy to see that Danielle Bean and Family Centered Life have commented on this too, with overwhelming responses from their readers.
Let me concur with these fine mothers, saying that sometimes my blog makes my family laugh heartily at me! In other words, a true hypocrite I blog about ideals I don't live up to(see the above) but still strive for. My one consolation is what a priest said long ago in a homily, "all Christians are hypocrites, because we have Christ as our ideal, and we fall short. However, if we fail to strive, we have given up the good fight".
So, please keep in mind what a new reader of mine told a friend of mine, "I know how Leticia finds time to blog, she neglects her kitchen floor."


nil said...

Pish-posh. Your kitchen floor looks great.
I really, really, enjoy reading your blogs - so don't put yourself down!

Leticia said...

Why thank you, Mia.
I must add a disclaimer here: she was a guest at my home Sunday, and I do 'spiff up' the floor for guests!

jennifergg said...

Well MY floor is a mess...but my kids are happy and my blog is updated! :)

Anonymous said...

I neglect my laundry : )

Leticia said...

Ladies, you have your priorities straight!

Rebecca said...

Leticia, right now I have a half a dozen pots on my counter that want washing and I am going to bed.

What's more important, visiting your blog or washing my pots? I'd say the former. :)