Wednesday, February 7, 2007

How Special Daddy Is, He Allows Me to Do What I Do Best: Homemaking and Mothering

Thanks Danielle, for reminding me that my husband has gifts that I don't! He is very physical with the girls, and they love it, he pushes them harder to reach their goals than I can, and no one else can show them what their husbands should be like.

When I teach on Saturdays and he's in charge of the house, my Christina looks like a World Vision child, dirty, in her pjs at 3PM, hair stuck together to the back of her head in a ball, sporting a saggy diaper, yet she's SOOO happy to be playing with him, she could care less!
You know what else? He's funny! We'll watch a silly kids movie or a comedy, and he'll use the laugh lines with us over and over again till they become a 'Daddy line'. Something Dad always says. This gives our family it's own identity as we now have inside jokes. The girls think Dad is the funniest guy alive.
And thanks, Man with the Black Hat for praising homemakers. I'm so often tempted to say, "I'm a homemaker, BUT I teach English", to justify my staying home most of the time, and that's too bad. Homemaking is an honorable profession, which can be taken to the height of an art form, as so many of you bloggers do. In honor of homemaking, I hereby give you:
the view from my kitchen window.

There's my prized African violets, my only successful indoor plant in a long time.

The curtains, no, I'm not talented enough to sew them, but I did tack the lace trim and silk tassels to the toile curtains, for an elegant touch.

I have bought houses by the view from the kitchen window, and wouldn't even consider a home where the sink faces the wall. You just spend too much time there to miss out on life staring at nothing. You should see the sunsets from here!

See the playhouse? I have the girls in my sights most of the time here,at the swings behind it, and the locked pool deck gate as well. Good for peace of mind.
See the winter version of my well-loved Mary garden? In a month, there will be Primroses and Crocuses there. I'll post the pictures.
Sometimes, I remind myself how lucky I am to have a husband whose hard work permits me the luxury of being a full time homemaker, homeschooler, and mommy.

Thanks, honey,
and Happy 15th Anniversary


RobKPhD said...

Congrats on the anniversary! My wife and I had our 15th this past year too!

As far as needing to justify staying at home, I think that people need to justify not having a parent staying at home. IMHO, the decline in society has been a direct result of the decline in the family. Sometimes, both parents have to work to make ends meet. But too often it is to enjoy more things. People have to do what they have to do, but it is better to have a parent at home for the kids.

Motherhen said...

Happy Anniversary. We celebrated 17 years this past December.

I was thinking today as I was hanging out some clothes how nice it is to be a sahm/w. I do get some weird looks though from passersby. I guess they aren't used to seeing a woman home during the day while everyone else is working.

Leticia said...

I have a McMansions development near me, and I always point out the expensive but empty play equipment to my girls as they ogle it as we pass by.
I say, "do you know why there are no little kids on that jungle gym? It's cause their Mom and Dad are both out working, killing themselves to pay for that stuff, and the children are at daycare all day!.

Motherhen said...

I had a PTA Officer's meeting last night that lasted till 9:00pm (yikes!). My kids went to bed/sleep without me telling them goodnight. They were peeved at me this morning, but I told them that if I worked, they might have to go to bed everynight without me! I take every opportunity to show them how lucky they are I stay home.

Leticia said...

My girls pull the same guilt trip when I stay late at the rosary and they don't get tucked in. I remind them how infrequently this happens, and that we had lunch together, which few school children do during the week.