Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I love babies too!

But have lost three of my children to miscarriage. This is a great article by Karen Edmisten at Catholic Exchange which explains how those of us with 'smaller' families sometimes feel slighted in the faithful Catholic world of wonderful large families.

Sometimes I'm grateful for having a relatively small family, as it gives me more time to help my special needs daughter, Christina, but other times I imagine her wrestling on the rug with little brothers she won't have.

Sometimes I realize I wouldn't be able to blog if I had a large family, and then I read a post from a glowing expectant mom, and I'm wistfully rubbing an empty belly.

It gives me something to offer up for Lent, this longing for another child. I think of a friend whose children all died before birth, who offers her suffering for abortion-minded mothers, and I am humbled.

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