Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Walden Media's Homeschool Outreach: Ripples

Walden Media has a new newsletter as a special outreach to homeschoolers called Ripples. In it you will find resources for homeschooling families to expand their knowledge about the subjects of Walden's recent films.
For example, after reading my review of the new release, Amazing Grace, and seeing the powerful true story of William Wilberforce's championing the abolitionist cause in England, you may want to read a biography specially commissioned as a follow-up for the film. I admit to only a passing knowledge of this Christian hero,though I was familiar with the story of the hymn, I never knew they were related, and am grateful that these contributions to our heritage of faith are being memorialized and re-inscribed into our cultural lexicon.
I have also used their 'reverse' approach for my recovering reluctant reader. Seeing the movie Bridge to Terabithia first and then reading the 1977 Newberry Award winning book may initially go against the grain for homeschool purists, however, if the movie gets the child to read the book, you have accomplished your goal. The film may be the inspiration for a until study; as the movie Amazing Grace was released on the 200th anniversary of the British Parliament's vote to end the slave trade, this becomes a unit on the abolitionist movement, and how it led to the Emancipation Proclamation in America.

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