Friday, February 9, 2007

Homeschool vs Catholic School: Can we work together?

Fr. Totten asks Amy Welborn if there is a way for homeschooling families to work with the Catholic school to the benefit of both. The posts are most enlightening.


Motherhen said...

Wow, some of those comments make me sad. I've both homeschooled (for half a year) and we now do parish school. The thing is, the parish school is upping tuition every year and they are about out of our league fiancially. I'm preparing myself for homeschooling in the 2008-2009 school year.

They talked on confession and May crownings, etc. I asked for Confessions to be heard either before school Mass or the afternoon before school Mass, nothing happened. I know for a fact there are SEVERAL children who attend the parish school that do not go to church, unless it's school Mass. So what is that telling these kids? That's it's ok to receive Jesus with mortal sins on your soul? I was pretty bummed about it, but I need to approach it again. The main pastor is terminally ill with cancer and has an associate pastor taking his place, for now.

How does your parish fit you with homeschooling? Do you attend Daily Mass as a family as part of your curriculum? Just curious.

Leticia said...

I moved to St. John's in Center Moriches, LI for the former pastor, who is now rector of the seminary, Msgr. McDonald. He was recently featured in the Register as "the Priestmaker" as we have 3 vocations to the priesthood from his 12 year tenure as pastor. He was the ideal pastor, we had devotions, adoration, confession lines, great homilies, homeschool masses, and a dedicated pastor who didn't quite agree with homeschooling, but appreciated the fruits, ie: how our children knew the Faith. All is gone now, with the new pastor, who is lackluster at best, most times absent and not willing to do anything for homeschooler. We still have confession lines, First Saturday devotions and Adoration, because the congregation demands it, but the liberals have regained control, and homeschoolers have to fend for themselves.

Maureen said...

Thanks for the link to Amy's topic....fascinating to hear so many different parish experiences!