Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Carmen Marcoux Needs our Help

Many of you have read the Catholic courtship novel, Arms of Love by Carmen Marcoux.
My daughter Gabbi reviewed it here. Surrender is the title of Carmen's new novel, and Gabbi has been awaiting it breathlessly. Carmen called me personally to let me know when it would be out since we sounded so anxious, we chatted for awhile about her work, and seems like a lovely woman.
Since Carmen, in addition to being a novelist is also the mother of 8, they have hit hard times and are facing bankruptcy, if they don't come up with enough money in 9 days. We need to order many copies of her books to help them out.
This culture needs good Catholic authors, and publishers, and so many of them do it merely as a ministry with very little financial gain. Let's order her books, and keep her in financial standing to continue to grace us with more romantic novels to inspire our youth to lead outstanding Catholic lives.


nil said...

I'll make sure to look for it when it comes out. This time I'll buy it instead of mooching it from Gabby. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Does she have a movie for Arms of Love. I'm reading that now and I have NEVER read a book that amazing before!!!!!!! It is so inspiring and gives me so much hope. I think a movie for this book would be the next best step--so many others who would not encounter the books would perhaps watch the movie and her story could perhaps reach out farther and bring more people to follow the Lord. This love story was better than Twilight and I was really big into that...these books seriously are the greatest and need to be reached out even farther!!! movie PLEASE