Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Very Special Baby Story

Were you like me, a bit obsessed with the show "A Baby Story" on TLC while you were pregnant? I watched two episodes daily for the last 3 months of my latest pregnancy and got a little sick of hearing about:
perfect designer nurseries, complete with hand-painted murals,
the trauma the only other sibling was going through as he learned to share his bathroom with the baby,
the trauma the family dog was going through,
special trips to foot masseurs (isn't this what husbands are for?)
blow-up jacuzzis to deliver in, while burning incense and watching the Pacific Ocean,
Pre-natal yoga classes,
and fake ceremonies to welcome baby for those who wouldn't set foot inside an actual church for say, a Baptism.
It got a bit better when they started doing shows from Pennysyvania, and actually featured a Bris and an Orthodox Baptism, but I have better taste now, and don't watch that show anymore.
I like this kind of Baby Story, the kind with God at the center. Like the story of Jesus and Aurora Rojas's baby Isabel, featured on the Be Not Afraid Forum.


Anonymous said...

I love the contrast you set up -- so true.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch that show all the time, for information for when I had my children. I had to stop because, if you look, almost all the women have some sort of medical intervention, many have C-sections. Most women who try to give birth without medication on that show end up with a c-section and a flimsy excuse why. Most of the women don't nurse. It was almost demoralizing.
Yes, and the whole preppy aspect made me sick, too. I'm pretty lower-class, so looking at all these perfect houses and brand-new baby furniture. When I get married this year, we know that we'll be using a lot of hand-me-down furniture, and there's no spas in our future, unless we win the lottery.