Monday, May 28, 2007

Oprah's influence on women

Dom at Bettnet has a post about a married woman with two children who appeared on Oprah, after giving up her third child for adoption. Considering her struggle to become pregant with this child, overcoming secondary infertility, and the fact that she and her husband stormed heaven for this child, one might wonder why she would give this long-awaited child up for adoption.

The mother stated that the reason is, "because I can't love her". The baby has Down Syndrome, you see. She needs to read my article in Faith and Family, to speak with mothers of these children, to read Monica's website, Be Not Afraid, and to read Gifts. She, and thousands like her, need our prayers so that next time God calls them to grow, they say "yes".

We need to change the Oprah culture.

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