Friday, May 18, 2007

Nun Infomercial on MTV

You've heard me say often that New York is the abortion capital of the world, and it is, however, someone once said, where sin abounds, grace abounds more so. Fr Groeschel once pointed out that the Bronx is "Mary's playground" for in the midst of ramapant crime and grinding poverty, are the world's most fruitful religious orders.
His own Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and their sister order which I feature in my post about Divine Mercy Sunday, Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity's two houses, one active, one contemplative, and the Sisters of Life, who are interviewed in this video, featured on MTV. My brother Rob works under the Throgs Neck Bridge at Fort Schuyler, a Merchant Marine Academy, and often sees the sisters skating by with one of the local children by the hand. They play volleyball on the beach, laughing and goofing around. Some life, huh?
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