Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Favorite Catholic Singer

I have known and loved the music of Irish singer Dana since she first burst upon the international scene in 1979 as Pope John Paul II visited Ireland and the USA, with her song, "Totus Tuus". She composed and performed the theme song for World Youth Day in Colorado in 1993, "We are Once Body", sang many more times for Pope John Paul II, and has had two musical TV programs on EWTN since then, "Say Yes!" and "We are One Body". My favorite CD of hers is devoted to Marian hymns, and was the first place I heard the "Salve Regina" in Latin.

I was at one of her concerts in a local church, and her sweet voice and deep faith which her music embodies, made for an unforgettable evening. Her current TV program on EWTN, "We are one Body" airs at 5 AM EST. This morning, she had a program dedicated to the Marian devotion of Hispanic singers Anna Maria Padilla and Miguel Angel Guerra, and showed footage of her serenading the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, with her song, "Lady of Guadalupe".
I'm so glad I caught the program. Dana, along with her hero, Pope John Paul, brought me safely through the tumultous years of the 1980's, when I was growing in my faith, seeking orthodoxy, and struggling with the temptations of being single in a corrupt society. I bought her cassette "No Greater Love" on my 1988 visit to my cousins in Ireland, and drove around the Irish countryside that Easter, singing her songs.
So that's why I couldn't get back to sleep this morning!What a wonderful treat, thank you, guardian angel!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous picture & reminder of Dana..

God bless

Melissa said...

I saw her speak at the Boston Catholic Women's Conference in March. She was so inspiring.

What was even more amazing - she signed CDs and met fans for 2 hours straight. She invited each fan to sit and talk with her, held their hands and hugged them. What a remarkable, talented person.

DominiSumus said...

I love Dana. She is such a warm person and a wonderful musician.

Since Dana and I have a mutual friend I have had the opportunity to meet her and family, including her brother and sister, several times. I have even sang a duet with her.

She is simply a wonderful person.

lee said...

I love Dana - she is a great defender of life and family values, and a beautiful witness of the Catholic faith! I came across her new ministry - DS Music - at She's got some great new stuff, especially for kids - a CD, DVD, and songbook of Catholic songs and prayers. I highly recommend it!